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PNAT Stages Grand Performance in Gezihua Theater of Zhangjiajie

An acrobatic troupe from Pyongyang, North Korean staged grand performance of 12 classical acrobatic items in Zhangjiajie on September 15, which received wide acclamation from tourists and local residents.

The performance drew its curtain at 8:00 p.m. It started with the "Swing-bridge and springboard", where the acrobats jumped like a swing-bridge. The breathtaking performance made all the audiences thrill and enjoy themselves to the full. The "Stunt flying", fliers upturning in the air over ten meters'

Founded in 1952, the North Korea Pyongyang National Acrobatic Troupe (PNAT) owns the largest acrobatic ground and the most acrobatics. It is the only one in the country that can go abroad to perform, and enjoys reputation all over the world.

The two-month performance will be shown at the Gezihua Theater in Zhangjiajie at 8:00 p.m. every day since September 12.

Stunt flying

Group rope-skipping

Swing-bridge and springboard