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Planning a Trip to China

How to Plan a Trip to China?

If you are planning a trip to China, this page will definitely help you. Here are the steps for planning your first trip to China well: 1) Select what you’re interested in. 2) Pick your travel dates carefully. 3) Then work out the finer details.

We understand the value of your vacation, and care about all your concerns, so we introduce China to you methodically on this page, for you to know all the steps about a China tour.

Take it easy for the planning

Most would advise not to be too adventurous on a first trip, especially if you see the possibility of a more in-depth visit to explore the country in the future.

Just being in a new country can be exhausting with a bombardment of the senses: new sights and sounds, a new language to process, new customs and ways of doing things, different food, and a different time zone and climate. So don’t make your itinerary too hectic.

Over-extending yourself will detract from your visit, so our recommendation is to explore only the absolute best of easily-accessible China first time, and spend the rest of your trip relaxing and taking in the ambience.

Where to Go

On a first trip to China you will probably want to see all the main attractions of the country. You won’t want to go home and have somebody say “If you didn’t see … then you haven’t really experienced China”.

On their first trip to China most travelers focus on the cultural and historical aspects of China and stay in the big cities, though China’s natural scenery and minority culture are also some of the highlights. See our customers’ Top China Tour Destinations in 2017/2018.

Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an — the Choice of Most First Timers

For a first trip to China, most tourists visit Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai, as these three destinations show travelers an overall view of the nation of China, from its history and culture to its development and prosperity today.

Beijing — a vibrant mix of history and modernity

If you only go to one city, go to Beijing.The capital has it all: history, culture, prestige, and even some decent scenery to the north around the Great Wall.

If you only have one day make sure you set foot on the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and Tian’anmen Square, and eat roast duck at one of the famous restaurants.

With a bit more time the Temple of Heaven and its park will transport you deeper in to the culture of China, along with a tour of the Hutongs and the Summer Palace.

Xi’an — gateway to China’s history

Next you should discover where the nation of China really began. Visit Xi’an, where First Emperor Qin (pronounced Chin, hence China) ruled from the first capital of a united China. See his grand Terracotta Army.

Xi’an is an excellent place to experience life in the pre-Beijing dynasties. Enjoy a Tang Dynasty banquet and show, and see temples, a mosque, pagodas, and towers that are more than 1,000 years old.

Shanghai — China’s largest and richest city

Shanghai is China’s largest city, and some would say must be visited for its significance. There aren’t many world-class tourist sights, and it could be toured in a day. Make sure you see the colonial and sky-rise architecture of the Bund, and take the Maglev to/from the airport. Shanghai is a convenient city to arrive at or depart from.

Other Famous Cities

If you have more than 8 days for your first trip, you may consider the following cities:

Hong Kong: Hong Kong airport also provides a great gateway to China, and Hong Kong should at least be counted equal to Shanghai among China’s top tourist cities. It in no way comes behind Shanghai for modern and colonial history, and surpasses Shanghai with its food, beaches, hills, and island parks.

Guilin has some of China’s most famous scenery: karst peaks combined with the Li River. Also visit Longsheng to see the rice terraces and long-haired Yao minority women.

Chengdu‘s pandas are perhaps the icing on the cake on the China must-do list. If you could just touch China’s “national treasure” no-one could deny you’ve toured China completely. Chengdu is also famous for its spicy food.

The Yellow Mountains (Huangshan) are the epitome of Chinese mountain artwork. The curiously-shaped rocks and twisted pines in swirling clouds are the stuff of Chinese legends. If you don’t mind a lot of steps and likely tourist crowds, you won’t be disappointed. A two-day visit to see the sunrise is recommended.

Stay at Least 8 Days

You may have seen the highlights of China on brochures: the magnificent Imperial Palace, stunning Great Wall, and spectacular Terracotta Warriors. As a first timer, you are suggested to plan at least 8 days to see the “must-sees” of China in Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai.

To discover more of China — colorful minority culture and magical natural landscapes — you will need a few more days.

Non-Recommended Areas

China’s west and extreme north could almost be considered as different countries for visiting separately. The Muslim northwest, and Inner Mongolia are not recommended for a first visit, as they are not representative of China, and travel, climatic, and other conditions are harsher than places recommended above.

A first trip to China should be all about seeing the highlights, and perhaps testing the water, deciding what you would like to see more of in the future. Whether it’s the culture, the architecture, the landscapes, or something else, China offers an unparalleled depth to be charted. Therefore we recommend saving the discovery of the less-accessible things you are interested in for another trip.

When to Travel

Each season has its advantages… You can see fresh green hues and flowers in spring, enjoy a more comfortable trip to Tibet and Yunnan in summer, experience optimal weather for outdoor activities and autumn colors in fall, and take advantage of lower prices and less crowding in winter.

Fall is the best season for a first trip to China as it has cool/warm and drier weather, with more clear days. It’s the most comfortable season for hiking and cycling, and being outdoors. Fall is earlier in North China (September/October) and up to a month later in south China.

Avoid China’s National Day week though (October 1–7), as transport and tourist areas are packed and prices for hotels at least double.

How to Travel

Traveling alone is for the adventurous with plenty of time to plan and arrange their trip… or to adjust if things don’t work out. Independent travelers in a developing country like China should be prepared for a steep learning curve, and many hassles along the way. Patience, initiative, and flexibility (or a big budget) are a must. You won’t necessarily see the best of China, but the life experience gained is priceless.

Group package tours offer the easiest and cheapest way to see China’s major sights. You can rest in the security that you’re doing things a tried and tested way. However, group tours lack flexibility, and are typically low-value, rushed affairs, herding you from place to place. You will just scratch the surface of Chinese life and culture.

Private tours are the high-value option for customers who want to get more out of their China tour. With a China-based operator like ChinaTopTrip you can have an authentic, high-quality China experience, designed to your requirements.

Private transport and guides with good English offer comfort, flexibility, hassle elimination, and insights that you don’t get alone or in a group.

Obtain Chinese currency by withdrawing directly from an ATM using a major card brand, or exchanging major foreign currency (USD, EUR, GBP…) in large denominations at the airport, branches of the Bank of China, and large hotels in China. (Traveler’s checks are seldom used now).

Customized Your China Tour with Us

We hope these suggestions and recommendations have been helpful, but when it comes to tourism “the customer is always right”. Our slogan is “More Than An Experience”, and your first trip to China should only ever be all that you want it to be.

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China Top Trip is your China tour tailor-making expert. As an alternative to customizing the recommended tours linked above to meet your individual requirements, we can help you tailor-make a first time tour from scratch, doing the things you want in the order you want. Our consultancy and tour design service is FREE!