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Dates to Avoid When Planning a China Tour

If you are planning a trip to China you should know about the dates to avoid when traveling, or you may find that everywhere you go is full of crowds, like 1) National Day week Oct. 1–7, 2) Labor Day week May 1–7, and 3) the Chinese New Year Period in January/February.

Crowding is understandable as there are more than 1.3 billion people living in China. In the holidays, more and more Chinese people leave their homes and go traveling, leading to transport difficulties, price rises, and overcrowding.

Dates to Avoid Summary Table

HolidayDates in 2017AttractionsTransportationTravel Price
National Day HolidayOctober 1–7Very crowdedVery crowdedVery high
New YearJanuary 1–3CrowdedCrowdedNormal price
Tomb-Sweeping DayApril 2–4, 2017CrowdedCrowdedNormal price
Labor DayMay 1CrowdedCrowdedHigh
The Dragon Boat FestivalMay 28–May 30, 2017CrowdedCrowdedNormal price
The Mid-Autumn FestivalOctober 4, 2017CrowdedCrowdedNormal price
Chinese New YearJanuary 27–February 2, 2017
February 15–21, 2018
QuietOver capacityLow
Tibet closure to foreign travelersFebruary to MarchClosed