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Official Release of“Beautiful Hunan Travel Card”

On May 28th, the press conference for “Beautiful Hunan Travel Card” was held in Changsha. Zhang zhiyuan, the chief director of Tourist Administration declared the release of the card to travelers with only 200RMB.

Mr.Zhang made a detailed introduction to the travel card in the conference as follows. The card includes 84 scenic spots, which worths a total of 4200 RMB. Luckily,with this card in hand, it costs only 200RMB for 81 scenic spots is free. It consists of abundant tourist product,such as 3,5A-level scenic spots and 25,4A-level scenic spots.To meet the need of different customer group, the card can be checked by other certificates like ID card, bank card and cellphone except itself, which is an unprecedented measure among nationwide congeneric products.

He also pointed out that,”although Hunan is a big tourist province, it is a pity that some of the tourist resources still remain unknown or untouched. Through integrating fair tourist resources in Hunan and applying modern information-based method, “Beautiful Hunan Travel Card” provides convenient,cheap, high technological brand product on behalf of the image of Hunan tour.” If you need any information on the scenic spots included in the card, please dial 12301.

By Emma