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National Cyclic Economic Experts Survey Miluo

Cyclic economic experts with Ministry of Environmental Protection and other five ministries and commissions under the State Council conducted a special investigation in Miluo, a county level city, on stepping up the exploitation and utilization of recyclable mineral resources. The city has sped up the transformation and upgrading of cyclic economy through the development of Miluo Cyclic Economy Industrial Park, preferential policies, sci-tech innovation and financing supports. In 2010, the tax revenue created by the cyclic economy in the city hit 670 million yuan, accounting for 61% of the total fiscal revenue of the city. Miluo Cyclic Economy Industrial Park has been listed among the first batch of national demonstration bases of urban recyclable minerals.
Central South Recyclable Resource Market with an area of 50,000 square meters was set up in 2001. Miluo Recyclable Resource Terminal Market was approved as one of the first batch of national pilot areas for cyclic economy four years later.
Hunan's first Recyclable Resource Economy and Administration Center and the first county-level Post-doctoral Center for Flexible Cooperation on R&D have been founded in the city. The two centers aim to back up the R&D of common technology and the expansion of technological renovation of enterprises. The city’s intensive processing technology of secondary aluminum and secondary bronze has achieved the advanced level in China.