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World's Second Longest Cross Stitch Exhibited in Hunan

An 18m long cross stitch of Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival was unveiled at the Huangxing Walking Street in Changsha on the afternoon of April 20. It is said this peculiar cross stitch consumed 116,505 meters of threads, totaling at 2,032,611 stitches. It is the second longest cross stitch work of art in the world.
The longest cross stitch work is a 22m long Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival. The second longest one was developed by 37 designers in 18 months and embroidered by 10 professionals in over 180 days. It applies ancient silks as the base, weighs 40 jin (20 kg) and includes 14 sections. There are 814 figures, 83 animals, 29 boats, over 30 buildings and houses, 13 carriages, 8 sedans, 17 bridges and 180 trees on the stitch work. This work is on its first display in Changsha.