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Mural Hill, or Fresco Hill, is one of the most famous attractions along 
Li River and a wonder of nature. The Hill is 400 m high 200 m wide facing the Li River. Looking from distance, it looks like a huge mural, and looking more carefully with imagination, you will see a group of handsome horse on the cliff.   Located near the Huashan Village, and about 60 km from
Guilin, Mural Hill is a hill with 5 peaks. The cliff facing the Li River is very colorful with green, yellow and white color. The hill is named Jiumahuashan, which means there are 6 horses drawing on the hill. The horses are very lively with different gestures.   The nine horses on the cliff are standing or lying on the ground, running or jumping, drinking water or neighing, just as lively as the real horse. For example, the one on the top of the cliff, just like a horse neighing, and the one on the bottom is lower the head to drink water, with its tail high up. Some thought the tail looks more like the head of a horse and it is a running horse.   Legend goes that the horses are from the heaven. When Monkey King was appointed as the Protector of the Horses, he was not so strict and some horse slip from the Heaven. They drinking water by the Li River and saw by a painter. The painter wanted to draw them on the paper, but the horses felt it and were frightened. They ran and mistakenly entered the cliff, so they stayed in human’s world forever. As they were god horses, it is hard to tell them from the cliff.   In Qing Dynasty, Ruan Yuan, the governor of Guangdong and Guangxi was very interested in the Mural Hill. Now, you can till see the inscription of him not far form the Mural Hill. In 1960, Premier Zhou and Chen Yi come here and counted many horses on the cliff. American president Clinton had also been there before.

Discovery of Relics

In October, 2008, Yangshuo Photography workers, antiquarian and officers in Xingping Town, according to the clue giving by a villager, found there is a inscription “Huashan” caved in Ming Dynasty. Each Chinese character is 1.6 m high and 1.2 m wide. The whole inscription is 5.3 m high and 3.2 m wide with xiangyun lace as decoration. The inscription was inscribed by Cheng Shanzhi, the censor of Ming Dynasty in 1553. It has a history of 460 years.


【Wonderful Rafting】 Nine Horses Hill canyon rafting is 3.5 km long, overlooking from the sky, it is just like a jade belt deeply embedded in the valley, and the overall fall is 180 meters. Nature uncanny workmanship created unique karst topography, formed steep strange drifting routes; At the same time, taking solid safety rubber boat in rapids and meeting a Nine Horses Hill corner among the swaying rafting, people can appreciate the Li River from multi-angle and multi-level and experience a kind of brand-new adventure, enjoy the funny dripping adventure.  

Close to Li River】 Nine Horses Hill is 61 km from Guilin, located in the 4 km northwest of Xingping Town. People can go up along the Li River against the current, and appreciate the scenery on both sides of the Li River; or can take a raft to Xingping; also can take bus to Yangshuo for 40 minutes. The traffic is very convenient to Nine Horse Hill, short-term travel and self-drive travel is the best choice to Nine Horses Hill. Nine Horses Hill canyons rafting scenic area has 300 meters distance form Li River, people can freely walk in the side of the Li River, enjoy the essence of the Li River scenery, is the canyon rafting that is most close to Li River.

Leisure travel on foot】 The geographical advantage of adjacent to Li River makes Nine Horses Hill canyon rafting scenic area become the best choice of hiking and biking along Li River. Besides exciting rafting, you can have a good time with friends hiking all the way along the Li River, appreciate the natural scenery on the way and place you in the exquisite landscape. People who love hiking adventure can make up a knapsack all the way to breathe free air, experience the field, cam  

Stream Climbing】 Nature uncanny workmanship created precipitous and unique Nine Horses Hill Canyon. Along the creek, tread water and go up and climb waterfall, scramble the higher place to overcome the obstacle of the terrain and go against the stream current to the top of the mountain is very challenging.  

Camping along the river】 Nine Horses Hill Canyon Rafting Scenic Area is 300 meters from Li River, where is the most essence part of the Li River scenery. Good geographical position, perfect supporting facilities, the safety management of the scenic area makes it become the best choice for camping.

Travel Guide of Mural Hill

【Recommended Visiting Time】 1 to 2 hours  
【Best time to Guilin Mural Hill】The best time to there is from March to October. At that period the weather is moderate with abundant rain and sufficient sunlight. And from April 1st to October 30this the drifting period.

【How to get to Guilin Mural Hill】
Self-driving: 1. Guilin- 40 km- Turn left in the Putao Road Crossing- 13 km- Nine Horses Hill Canyon Scenic Area 2. Yangshuo- 10 km- Turn right in the Baisha Road Crossing- 18 km- Nine Horse Hill Canyon Scenic Area

Other way: Taking boat or walking from Xingping or Yangdi can reach there. Taking boat from Yangdi and taking raft from Xingping and then walk forward to Nine Horses Hill or just hiking from Xingping to Nine Horses Hill.   From Xingping to Nine Horse Hill by raft takes 30 to 40 minutes. After getting off the raft people need to walk to Nine Horses Hill. If you take raft to Nine Horses Hill and will not land in then you will not need to pay the admission ticket. From Xingping to Nine Horses Hill by hiking takes 2 to 3 hours.