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Mount Tai International Climbing Festival kicked off

The 2016 Mount Tai International Climbing Festival kicked off in Tai’an City, Shandong province on Sept. 6. This year, according to Tai'an municipal tourism administration, the festival will be held from Sept. 6 to 12, lasting 7 days.

Mount Tai international Climbing Festival is held in September every year since 1987. The festival and climbing competition attracts athletes and tourists from around the world, providing a development platform for strong economic and cultural construction of Tai'an.

The Mountaineering Competition is an important part of the festival, consisting of 5 km climb for seniors group, 7.7km climb for middle-aged group, and 8.5 km climb for youth group. Athletes and teams who get the top three will be awarded certificates, prizes or trophies. There are also other events like the exhibition of paintings and calligraphy, bonsai and root sculptures, as well as a lot of folk shows and performances.