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City Wall of Nanjing celebrated its 650th birthday

650th birthday of Ming Dynasty City Wall was celebrated on September 5 in Nanjing, capital of east China's Jiangsu Province.

Nanjing government invited 200 people whose birth dates are also Sept. 5 to hold the grand birthday party together with the City Wall. Participants shared birthday cakes and gifts and sang birthday song together at the party. Meanwhile, the famous British violinist Charlie Siem joined the gathering on the ancient wall and played celebratory music on his violin. The oldest participant was 89-year-old, and the youngest one was only 1 year old.

Built on Sept. 5, 1366, the wall is the world's largest, longest and best preserved ancient city wall. 25.1 km long of the wall remains in good condition. The highest part of the wall is 24 meters and the thickest part is 15 meters wide. The city wall has already applied for the UNESCO world heritage for the world's oldest city walls in March.