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Many Chengdu Travel Agencies Praised Zhangjiajie

Lately, Zhangjiajie—Chengdu travel forum was held. Many media like Chengdu Commercial Daily, West China Metropolis Daily and 31 representatives of travel agencies like Chengdu Kanghui CITS, Chengdu Best Tourism, and Zhangjiajie Company of new Kanghui travel Agency took part in this forum.

After listening to the introduction related to Zhangjiajie customs and scenes, one after another Chengdua gencies spoke highly of Zhangjiajie sceneries and said that Zhangjiajie was a place worth visitors’ home and abroad visiting again and again. What’s more, they also offered some advices about how to exploit Zhangjiajie tourist market effectively.

The deputy director general of Chengdu Tourist Administration said that Chengduacted as an international aviation hub for transferring shipment in western China. So Zhangjiajie came to Chengduto promote their travel market turned out to be a wise decision. Both Zhangjiajie and Chengdu are the first batch of pilot cities for comprehensive tourism reform in China, so in the long run, these two cities can work jointly and make progress together in order to drive the tourist development in China’s western region.

Translated by Becky