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Longmen Grottoes to Create Tang Style Ancient Town

Longmen Grottoes Scenic Zone is planned to create a Tang Dynasty Ancient Town in the next five years with a total investment of 26 billion yuan, according to the Longmen Grottoes management committee.

The strategic plan highlights a number of projects, which include four gates in the northwest, northeast, southeast and southwest respectively, and four ancient temples of Tang Dynasty - Fengxian Temple, Xiangshan Temple, Qianyuan Temple and Huangjue Temple. In addition, a research and protection center, an ancient ruined site museum, a wetland park and a botanical garden are also involved.

“We will exert great efforts to integrate Tang Dynasty charms into the 1,000-year-old Longmen Grottoes, and enable tourists experience the flourishing age of the Tang Dynasty at Longmen,” says Wang Yongxing, director of the Longmen Grottoes management committee.