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Hong Kong Express Launches Direct Flights to Hulunbuir

Hong Kong Express launched direct flights to Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia on Nov 3rd, which is the first direct flight between the two cities.

The new route is scheduled for regular flights twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. Flight UO2357 departs from Hong Kong at 10:00 and arrives in Hulunbuir at 14:40, while Flight UO2358 flies from Hulunbuir to Hong Kong during the period form 15:30 to 20:30. Aircraft B737-800 with 161 seats will be used for the service.

Hulunbuir is the only city in Inner Mongolia that opens direct flights to Hong Kong during the winter season. Major scenic spot in Hulunbuir City includes the Hulunbuir grasslands, the Hulun and Buir lakes (the latter partially in Mongolia), and the Greater Khingan Range.