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Jishou Aizhai Bridge Sightseeing Platform Opens on May Day

A most exciting and relaxing holiday in May is around the corner. Millions of travelers would be pleased to hear the news that Aizhai Bridge sightseeing platform will start its trial operation on May Day. And the soft operation is going to last three months until August. Zhangjiajie residents are free during this period.

Aizhai Bridge is located in the Aizhai scenery zones in Jishou city. The following scenic spots are concluded to start their trial operation; they are Jidouzhai, tour buses, Aizhai bridge sightseeing platforms and the miracle expressway scenery, etc. But the sightseeing elevators and passages are excluded.

The more thrilling and anticipated is the show time of Norwegian master of balance Eskil Ronning Sbaken.He will perform the Air Ballet.Come and enjoy more excellence on the scene on 27th April.

By Aileen