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  Jingdezhen Ancient Kiln Factory is located in Hutian Village, Jingcheng Town, Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province, China. This well-preserved
Jingdezhen ancient kiln factory shows us the manufacture process of ceramics’ making. It has 6 sets of buildings, each set, like a Siheyuan (courtyard), consists of 3 or 4 houses face the courtyard. In each house, local staffs make their works in traditional hand-made way and keep those rough products in the house for drying trimming.   In the factory, there’s also a large quaint kiln, 18 m in length, with a small front mouth and large bottom. It looks like a big lying goose’s egg but has a tall, narrow chimney (21 m) linked at the bottom.    After the drying and trimming process, so-called third step is painting and glazing. And then, the time comes, workers will lay the half-finished products carefully in this kiln and burn resinous sticks to heat the kiln. After about 10 hours firing, turn off the fire and leave the products in the kiln for another 12-18 hours cooling. Finally, workers can check the result.