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International Geological Authoritative Experts Gather in Zhangjiajie


The International Workshop on Sandstone Landforms unveiled in Zhangjiajie on Nov.11.

It brought together 16 foreign authorities in geomorphology from New Zealand, Poland, UK, Australia, USA, Germany and Japan as well as over 20 domestic experts.

They conducted an on-the-spot investigation of the typical landform in Zhangjiajie and listened to the report on Zhangjiajie's geomorphology and its evolution. They also exchanged views over the research methodology and cases concerning malmstone landform from home and abroad, made a comparative analysis of Zhangjiajie terrain and carried out a hot debate on defining the "Zhangjiajie Landform".
This conference is bound to further promote the development of Zhangjiajie's tourism industry and the city itself, according to Zhao Xiaoming, mayor of Zhangjiajie.
As a rare natural heritage, Zhangjiajie Landform deserves public recognition for its combination of aesthetic and scientific values, said Michael Crozier, president of the International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG).