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International Architects Seek to Reconstruct Hunan Provincial Museum

77-year-old Hans Hollein (2nd R) makes on-the-spot inspection with other international architects at Hunan Provincial Museum.
On March 11, Hans Hollein from Vienna with another nine international architects made on-the-spot inspection at Hunan Provincial Museum, starting their two-day evaluation of the design proposals for renovation and expansion of Hunan Provincial Museum.

At the scene, Hans Hollein said, “The architects have to fully consider urban environment when formulating architectural designs, for well-designed buildings should be harmonious with their surroundings. We will ponder on how to incorporate the surroundings and local characteristics of Changsha into this design, and try to find an appropriate solution.

As president of the evaluation team, Hans Hollein promised to make meticulous appraisal with other experts to select the superior proposals. In addition, he was willing to incorporate the life of Hunan Provincial Museum into the surrounding environment and forge the museum into a landmark facing the future.