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Hunan Xiangxi Guzhang Maojian Tea Winning Gold Award in 2013

According to the news from the committee of 2013 Huizhou 4th Tea Competition that was just ended (Huizhou is a city located in the southeast of Guangdong province in China), Hunan Guzhang Maojian Tea received the support of enormous tea-lovers and consumer,winning the gold prize in the group green tea of China on June 27th.

Branded as “Girl Ying”,Guzhang Maojian is produced by Hunan Girl Ying Tea Science and Technology Ltd. Located at Guzhang county, Xiangxi, it has been improving continuously the level of scientific research of tea. Based on advantageous position and abundant resources. It has upheld the traditional tea handicraft as well as making use of new skills to develope new product.

It is said that, the tea competition lunched at Huzhou in Guangdong province on June 23, which was made up of 3 categories, namely, local green tea only in Huzhou. Green tea in China and Guanyin, a variety of oolong in China. Over 1000 units and a bunch of tea lovers came in person to judge different teas. Among green tea group in the China region,“Girl Ying” Guzhang Maojian show its bright to the full extent by gaining the first prize.

By Emma