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Hunan Witnesses a Surge of Foreign Tourists

As the Changsha Frontier Inspection Station revealed on April 4, 99,188 passengers came in or went out of the city during the first quarter of this year, increasing by 16.9% over that of last year. Among the foreign travelers, Korean tourists account for most, followed by America and Australia.
In the first three months, 28,868 travelers from across Hunan and 43,327 passengers from abroad were received, respectively up 7.4% and 78.5% over last year. The top three destinations are Taiwan, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Korea. 22,558 Taiwan compatriots came to Hunan for sightseeing and/or visiting relatives, a year-on-year growth of 5%.
Hunan witnesses a surge of foreign tourists due to two factors. First is that development of tourism industry in Hunan leads to rise of tourists to Zhangjiajie and other resorts. Second is that because of the economic vitality in Hunan, Hunan-based enterprises work on more cooperative projects with foreign counterparts.