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Delegation from Taiwan Chung-hua Woman Party Visit Hunan

On the morning of April 5, a delegation headed by Tu Minghui, chairman of Taiwan Chung-hua Woman Party held a meeting in Changsha with representatives of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government Taiwan Affairs Office, the Women’s Federation of Hunan Province, the Hunan Provincial Civil Affairs Department and members belonging to other sectors of the province. Tu and her delegation arrived  in order to participate in the second Taiwan-based Hunan Descendants Travel to Hunan. The guests discussed the current situation of Taiwan’s women of Hunan origin  and cross-straits marriage.

Founded in 2009, the Taiwan Chung-hua Woman Party aims to promote harmonious cross-straits exchange and encourage elites in women. Ms. Tu said, her organization is scheduled to participate in the second Taiwan-based Mainland Model Wives Selection on May 14, 2011. This activity is on a mission to create favorable conditions for promoting cross-straits non-government exchanges and stabilize families and society in Taiwan.

Later that day, the guests paid a visit to Hunan Women’s University.