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HNETV Launching Large Series Cover–“Large Western Hunan•Verve Zhangjiajie”

On June 17th, “Large Western Hunan•Verve Zhangjiajie”, A large series cover shoot by HNETV, is officially showed on screen. According to the report, the cover broadcasts one set in Economic News every night, including a total of 20 sets and six minutes per set.

As one main content of the major planning activity by HNETV in 2013, “Large Western Hunan•Verve Zhangjiajie” was shoot in the late May. It explores the “MAN” and “STORY” in Zhangjiajie, with the form of “Walking, seeing and thinking”. Zhangjiajie’s scenic spot management, construction and industry development are highlighted and Zhangjiajie’s rich, unique and rare tourism products, strategy fruits achieved in the past ten-years’ development of large western Hunan are also displayed in an all round way.

An insider points that the release and broadcast of “Large Western Hunan•Verve Zhangjiajie” will act as an engine to enhance Zhangjiajie’s reputation and popularity and boost Zhangjiajie’s summer tourism.

Translated by Crystal