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"Hallelujah"Concert Hall in Zhangjiajie Opens to Public


The "Hallelujah Concert Hall" was established in the fairyland of Zhangjiajie following the establishment of the "Hallelujah Mountain" to form a splendid wonderland. The "Hallelujah Concert Hall" was officially unveiled at the Huanglong Cave scenic spot in Zhangjiajie on Sept. 15. Huang Yongyu, a famous painter, recently inscribed the name for the concert hall.

The "Hallelujah Concert Hall" is located at the entrance of the Huanglong Cave Ecology Plaza in Zhangjiajie. It was designed by Yu Kongjian, president of the Architecture and Landscape Design College of Peking University and a professor from Harvard University.

 The hall was constructed by the Huanglong Cave Investment Company in accordance with international standards. Its construction area stands at 4,970 square meters and the total investment reached 160 million yuan.

The concert hall is set against the backdrop of mountains with the lush vegetation of Huanglong Cave, faces rice fields with swirling smoke and is next to the water from Suoxi Valley in the south. It has an excellent environment as well as a novel and unique design. It has a beautiful and elegant style and a frame shear wall structure.

Its sloping roofs are all covered with grass and flowers and its curtain walls are in the shape of the five-line staff formed by local shale rocks making the building melt with nature. The entire building looks like a culture collection of Zhangjiajie waiting to be read and a piece of jade embedded in Zhangjiajie. It is the concert hall with the most beautiful environment in the world.

"Hallelujah" Concert Hall bathes in the moonlight.

Famous painter Huang Yongyu inscribes for the Hallelujah Concert Hall