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Friendly cooperation Between Taiwan and zhangjiajie

China, taiwan's net july 6. zhangjiajie news : YueGui huang, the president of the tour guide’s associate from Taibei city, together with a delegation come to the world natural heritage -----wulingyuan scenic zone, zhangjiajie, Hunan province, for inspecting, and sign an agreement of friendly cooperation with zhangjiajie tour guide association, which is the  first guide’s cooperation and the first cooperation agreement signed  between tour guide’s association of Taibei and zhangjiajie.

According to the cooperation agreement, Taibei tour guide association will invite and help zhangjiajie delegation to do tourism promotion as well as communication exchange in Taiwan. Moreover, the two parties will develop friendly cooperation and interactive exchange in promotion of tourism resource, training of Human resource and other area.

YueGuihuang, the president of the tour guide associate from Taibei city, highly praised the unique landform and honest guides of zhangjiajie city, expressing that they will make an effort on recommending zhangjiajie by making full use of guide’s association.

With the increase convenience in transportation, Taiwan has become the focus of zhangjiajie tourism market development, this friendly cooperation will contribute in boosting zhangjiajie’s fame popularity and good reputation in guide’s field and tourism field in Taiwan, said by Liuyun, the secretary of zhangjiajie tourist association.