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French “Iron Man ” Will Challenge the Bailong Ladder of Zhangjiajie

Have you watched the Hollywood blockbuster Iron Man3 ? You must not unfamiliar with Jean Michel Casanova who make perfect and thrilling stunt performance in this movie .Now,according to the accurate information from World Natural Heritage Site–Zhhangjiajie Wulingyuan core scenic zones that he will challenge the Bailong Ladder’s steel structure headframe on 18th May this year without any safeguards.

Based on the official material,the Bailong Ladder is the fastest,highest and most carrying lift in the world. This challenge is the with a height of 176 meters.Jean-Michel Casanova was crowned as the best outdoor climbing coach in worldwide and once awarded as “Top 10 Climbing Photographer in the World”. His thrilling performance in Iron Man 3 has attracted lots of audience all over the world .

For the past few years,Zhangjiajie has organized series of extreme sports.Such as plane flied through the Tianmen Cave, Spider Man’s Alain Robert climbed Tianmen Cave unarmed,and tightrope walking above Tianmen Mount,etc.all those X-sports received highly praises and have attracted more and more X-sports player’s coming.

More exciting and thrilling moments await your joining and attention.

By Aileen