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Free Visit to Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town for Students under 18

From June 25th to September 10th, accompanied by parents, students under the age of 18  are accessible to travel Honjiang Ancient Commercial Town for free. In addition, they also have the chance to watch the original performance named Hongjiang in Misty Rain, Yujiang Haozi(Jiang means river. Haozi is a work song sung to synchronize movements, with one person leading). The performance describes commercial legends of businessmen in old Hongjiang town. In the form of original live show, it puts on o n every Saturday, displaying outlanders’ the pioneering work. Their hard experience from working at commercial ports, wharf and and on Yuanjiang river to starting their own business is inspiring. When they shouted Yujiang Haozi, the sound was amazing looking as if it would topple a mountain and overturn the sea. The hardship and toughness of those businessmen really would leave a deep impression on people  in old days and Nowadays.

Situated at the confluence of Yuan river and Wu river,Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Townis surrounded by the first famous mountain, Mount Song. It has a long history, which originated in the Spring and Autumn Period, took shape in the most prosperous age of  Tang dynasty and peaked in Ming dynasty and Qing dynast. Known as “the First Ancient Town in China”, it not only controlled 7 provinces because of its strategic position in southwest, but also owned abundant goods and materials, such as tung oil, wood, Paraffins.

Honjiang Ancient Commercial Town

Hongjiang in Misty Rain, Yujiang Haozi

By Emma