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Foreigner Parachute Jumping Team Suddenly Appeared in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain

In the afternoon of May 2, 4 parachutes suddenly flied out from the Tianmen Hole, the iconic scenic spot of the Tianmen Mountain, which caused waves-like exclaims of tourists. Parachute jumpers were safe all the way flying down from the top of the Tian Hole till landing at the parking area of the Tianmen Hole.

The parachute jumpers are male. After landing,all of them were looks especially excited and took a photo with thumbs up in front of the Tianmen Hole.Because of their slack English speaking,tourism staff just made a simple notice that parachute jumping is not allowed here.Then,they packed up and left.

This is another parachute jumpers after the Poland couple who wanted to do parachute jumping here.They must be under the influence of wing-suite flying extreme sports and eager to experience themselves.

According to related air control regulation and in assurance of tourist’s safety,special notice has been made that flying sports like parachute jumping and gliding are forbidden without approval of related department.People who have interest in doing extreme sport s should in advance communicate with principals of scenic area and all those sports should be launched under the approval of related department and safety preparation.

By Patricia