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First China Int'l Danxia Langshan Mountain Photography Art Fair Launched

The first China International Danxia Langshan Mountain Photography Art Fair has been officially launched recently. Hosted by China Landscape and Historic Sites Association and Xinning County People's Government and sponsored by China Photo Press (CPP), the fair will last for 1 year from April 5, 2011 to July 30, 2012. It aims at encouraging photographers to explore Xinning's nature and its rural-urban communities and to show the beauty of Xinning and Langshan Mountain in their photos.

This fair is featured by its internationalization positioning, mass participating and multi-angle photographing with great popularity of brands. Taking the form of "mass participation, experts evaluation and international standards", it will collect photos across the world to comprehensively reflect the beauty of Langshan Mountain as a site of world natural heritage from various angles.

The fair will attract photographers' attention all over the world to concern Langshan Mountain and raise the awareness of protecting it.