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2011 China International Country Music Festival Kicks Off

On the afternoon of Sept.10, 2011 China International Country Music Festival kicked off in the Ecological Square of Yellow Dragon Cave, Zhangjiajie.

The festival will be closed on Sept.16. During this week, country music artists from 28 countries will give 55 wonderful performances to audience in Tianmen Mountain, Tianzi Mountain (Emperor Mountain), Baofeng Lake, Xibu Street, Forest Park, and Yellow Dragon Cave .The closing ceremony of the festival will be held in the Hallelujah Concert of Yellow Dragon Cave. At that time, the “Golden Stone Prize” of country music will be awarded to the bands.

As the largest country music festival in Asia, China International Country Music Festival is based in Zhangjiajie, which will be held every two years. The first festival launched in 2009 was regarded as “a successful practice of improving China's image by using cultural soft power”. The 2011 country music festival will exert more influence in the world. Nashville of the United States, the birthplace of country music, is willing to be a sister city of Zhangjiajie so as to spread and develop the world's country music together.