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Fairy Mountain National Forest Park

Chongqing Wulong Fairy Mountain National Forest Park is belonged to Wuling Mountain Range in the eastern Chongqing. Surrounded by Wujiang River, Fairy Mountain is famous as “No. 1 Grassland in Southern China” and “Eastern Switzerland”.

Ranking as one of the top 10 tourists attractions in Chongqing, Fairy Mountain is located on the north bank of Wujiang River in Wulong County of Chongqing. The unique highland scenery brings visitors breathtaking feelings. And together with Furong Cave, Furong River, and Tiansheng Three Bridges, Fairy Mountain is one of the must-sees in Chongqing tour.

Reputed as “Eastern Switzerland” and “Summer Palace in Mountain City”, Fairy Mountain is a gorgeous attraction. When standing inside this giant oxygen bar formed by 3.3 million mu forest and 1 million grassland, the cool temperature and the fresh air bring people a feeling in paradise. Inside the park, visitors can enjoy both leisure activities such as flying kites, shooting and adventurous activities such as riding, paraglider

Four Seasons in Fairy Mountain

SpringClimbing up and having a bird view of Fairy Mountain, the thousand peaks and forest sea is an amazing scene. The vast grassland is dotted by flowers and extending the skyline. In the Spring, Fairy Mountain is covered by green color. During the Spring days, you can enjoy a riding trip here.

Although Chongqing is one of the hottest cities in China, Fairy Mountain is a fantastic summer resort in Chongqing. Reputed as “The Summer Palace of Mountain City”, spending a few days here and enjoy a leisure short vacation here will ensure you a full relaxed trip.

The sunrise in Fairy Mountain in Autumn is intoxicating. The cool wind from mountain wave yellow leaves and colorful autumn flowers. Why not have a photography tour in this time to this place?

The winter season starts from November. The snow scenery is the top one in highlights of Fairy Mountain. Although it is in southern China, the snow scenery here looks the same with the one in norther China. Furthermore, visitors can do ice sports such as skating and skiing in this season.

Best Time to Visit: All year around. Spring and Autumn for hiking, Summer for the forest, Winter for the snow scenery