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Experience Tea Culture in Chongqing

Tea culture plays a very important role in
Chongqing culture. A Hong Kong writer described Chongqing in this sentence “a taste of life in the Paris Cafe, a taste of life in the house of Chongqing. An article about Chongqing must write the teahouse. With a bowl of tea (the bowl is called Gaiwan in China), people laid on a bamboo chair and chat with each other as long as they can.”

  Drinking a cup of tea will give you a deep touch with the Bayu culture. The green tea leaves in the clean water will give people a fresh feeling. When we hold a cup of tea, we will find a calm mood and relax ourselves automatically. That is why Chinese tea culture not only belongs to this oriental country but also spread all over the world.

Top Teahouses in Chongqing 

•Yuanyuanyuan Teahouse

Address: the 2nd floor of Jiayu Building, No. 39, Zhujiang Road, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing

How to get: take No.481 bus to Chongqing Rehabilitation Center bus stop

•Nenlv Teahouse

Address:No.88, Jiabin Road, Yuzhong District

How to get: take No. 119, No.145, No.149 bus to Shuangxi gou bus stop

•Yinhe Teahouse

Address: Yinhe Grand Hotel, No.49, Datong Road, Yuzhong District.

How to get: take No.0492, No. 402 bus to datonglu bus stop