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Enjoying Lujiang River Cruise

Lujiang River Cruise starts and ends at Ferry Terminal in Siming District in
Xiamen. Lujiang River night luxury cruise ships usually have three floors. The second floor and third floor are viewing platforms for passengers. Guests can enjoy a more graceful and ever-changing landscape of Gulangyu Island and Xiamen Islet at night. On the first floor of the ship, where visitors can enjoy playing music performances, such as saxophone performances, and also local folk shows like Zhangzhou puppet shows. Having the Lujiang River Cruise is not only to watch the beautiful view around Xiamen, but also to experience the local culture.

The cruise will pass three famous bridges: Yanwu Bridge, Haicang Bridge, Xinglin Bridge.

Cruise on Lujiang River

►Route of Lujiang River Cruise:

Ferry terminal→Zheng Chenggong Statue Park→Yanwu Bridge →Lujiang night view→International Cruise Center→Huoshaoyu Islet→Haicang Bridge→lighting Dongdu Container Terminal→Xiamen Ten-thousand Tons shipyard→Baozhu Island Gongtie Bridge→Return

Cruise on Lujiang River

►About Lujiang River

Lujiang River, in fact, is not like other actual river on the land. It is just the sea area between Xiamen Island and Gulangyu Island. It is located between Xiamen and Gulangyu Island, also known as the Xiamen-Gulangyu Strait. It is so called Lujiang (Egret River), for there are often many beautiful elegant white egrets flying and circling in this sea area. The river is 600 meters wide. It takes only 5 minutes from Xiamen to Gulangyu Island by crossing the Lujiang River by ferry.