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Sichuan Opeara, or Chuan opera, is an essence of Chinese culture. It features vivid, humorous narration, singing, and acrobatic fighting, showing the optimism and open-mindedness of the people in Sichuan Province.

Sichuan opera is one of the Han Chinese operas, popular in eastern and central Sichuan, Chongqing and Guizhou Province, Yunnan Province. Sichuan Opera masks are the important part of the Sichuan Opera performing, they are treasures that the ancient opera artists work together to create and pass down.

Although you may not understand the performance very well, you can also be infected by the artists on the platform. If you are a Chinese culture fan, do not miss this chance to get touch with Sichuan culture.

Sichuan Opera

Where to Watch the Sichuan Opera in Chongqing 

• Chongqing Sichuan Opera Theater
No.76, Jintang Street, Yuzhong Distrct, Chongqing

• Chongqing Qunyi Sichuan Opera Art Troupe Theater
diagonally across the street from Chongqing Chang’an Automobile Co, Ltd
How to get: take No.107、No. 08、No.135、No.138、No.604、No.861 bus to Chayuan bus stop