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CNY148 Will Be Charged as Entrance Ticket into Town from April 10th

The Phoenix Town, one of China’s most beautiful and charming ancient town, once was open to tourists for free if you didn’t visit charging scenic spots. However, the fortunate time is going to be ended and 148 yuan will be charged instead once you step into the ancient town from April 10 on. Thus, the policy has changed from original charge in scenic spots to current charge in scenic area. So hurry and take advantage of  the rest free days to visit the town if you don’t arrange to visit the one charging scenic spots.

Actually, the ticket fee is not unreasonably charged. Originally, there were two kinds of charging tickets. One was the 148-yuan ticket with 9 scenic spots allowed to visit, the other was the 108-yuan ticket to enter Nanhua Mountain scenic zone. Now, the new policy allows you to enjoy above two rights  by only charging you 148 yuan.

The valid date of the  new ticket is three days. The valid date can be elongated after confirmed by the ticket office if tourists want to stay longer. What’s more, it is not necessary to buy ticket again within one year and tourists who have bought tickets for 3 times will enjoy the right of  lifetime free of ticket.

By Patricia