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Chinese Traditional Clothing

The history of Tranditional Chinese Clothing here will introduce the brief history of the development of Chinese costume.
Different from costumes of other countries, Chinese clothing features is very distinctive and with profound Chinese culture.
Three main types of traditional Chinese clothing are Pienfu, Changpao, and Shenyi.
Traditional Chinese clothing enjoys exquisite made reputation world widely. Well-known Chinese clothing: Cheongsam, Hanfu, Tang Suit are representing such a quality & tradition.
Longpao, a kind of robes with yellow color and dragon or phoenix emblem, is classical Chinese ancient emperor & empress’s imperial dressing.
Chinese ethnic costumes are flowery, colorful, extremely exquisite, and highly distinctive. They play an important role of the rich history and culture of the ethnic groups.
Introduction to clothing of traditional Chinese wedding: stuffs of dress & color, covering veil, shoes, & wedding dress in Zhou, Tang, Ming dynasties
Over more than 5000 years history of china, there are certain unique customs settled in dealing with wedding issues in China.
The Chinese tunic suit, also known as Zhongshan suit or Chairman Mao Suit, is a Chinese traditional style of male attire named after Sun Zhongshan (also Romanized as Sun Yat-Sen).