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Chinese Philosophy & Religion

China has lots of temples or monasteries, of which White Horse Temple, Xianguo Temple, Shaolin, Jokhang, Famen, Confucian Temple, etc are most famous
China has rich Buddhism cultural resources, and grottoes are one of them, of which Yungang Caves, Longmen, Mogao, Maijishan & Dazu are most famous
Top list of Giant Buddha Statues in China include: Leshan Giant Buddha, Tian Tan Giant Buddha in HK, Golden Sanmantabhadra Statue on Mt Emeishan
Confucianism had been regarded as an ethic-political system in ancient China. For more than two thousand years Confucianism has moulded and shaped the civilization of China
Buddhism was introduced into China early in Eastern Han Dynasty, and gained significant development since then. Tibet, Mt Emei, Mt Jiuhua are famous for buddhism
Taoism is indigenous to China. Together with Confucianism, it has exerted great influence on the mind of Chinese people, as well as on the political, economic and cultural life of the country.
Islam was introduced to China via the Silk Road by Arabs from Tang Dynasty since China was highly tolerant of new religions and Chinese contact with foreign envoys flourished during that period.
Protestant missionaries first appeared in the early 19th century. Protestantism took a dominant position in Europe and was entering China.