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Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine Museums in China: Hu Qingyu Tang in Hangzhou, Bianque Hall in Xian, Tongren Tang in Beijing, & others in Shanghai, Guangzhou
Chinese medicine is totally different from the western medicine. Differences from the organizing information way to the treatment effects are obvious.
Traditional Chinese medicine can be utilized to treat allergies, arthritis pain, weight control, quitting smoking, etc. There are four Chinese diagnostic methods in TCM theory
Medical Classics about Traditional Chinese Medicine have been passed on generation by generation with a large amount of corrects as well as improvements. They are still influencing the present medical field deeply.
Popular and useful treatments of Traditional Chinese Medicine are various. People may find mysterious about this ancient theories since they know about the unique treatment.
There are so many well-known doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Due to their distribution on this filed, the Chinese Medical Theory can be developed very well till now.