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Chinese Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a main symbol of Chinese Culture. Here list you China's top 10 hometowns of Kung Fu to let you know more about this famed traditional mysterious and fantastic world.
Chang Chuan, also know as Long Chuan or Tai Zhu Chuan, is one of the classic Shaolin Kung Fu Styles. It is said that Chang Chuan was created by Zhao Kuang Yin, who is know as Song Tai Zhu, the first emperor of Song Dynasty.
Mantis Fist, or Tanglang Chuan, is one of the most famous traditional Kung Fu style in China. It is a kind of pictographic boxing, and also one of the four most famous fist form style in Shandong.
Bagua Palm also known as Youshen Bagua Palm or Bagua Lianhua Palm is a kind of martial art style created by Dong Haichuan in Qing Dynasty
Wing Chun Chuan, or Wing Tsun, is one of the middle south fists form kung fu style in China. Wing Chun Chuan has a history of about 250-300 years.
Zui Chuan or Drnken Boxing is a kind of fist form style imitating drunkard’s movements. The movements of the first look like a drunkard
China has lots of Kung Fu stars including Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Yuan Biao, Jason Wu, Chiu Man Cheuk, etc
Shaolin Kung Fu emphasizes Ch'an Buddhism. Ch'an derives its name from the Indian word Dhyana, which simply means 'Meditation'.
Qigong is an outstanding legacy of Chinese culture as well as an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. Qigong has been practiced by the Chinese for thousand of years.
Tai Chi Chuan is a very typical Kung Fu in China, Today if you take an early morning walk in the cities or towns of China; you'll see people practicing Tai chi Chuan in parks and open-air areas.
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