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Chinese Handicraft

Chinese ceramics is an important ancient Chinese art form and urges the continuous development of global ceramics. Chinese ceramic transited to porcelain in Han Dynasty
China is the first nation to manufacture true porcelain in the world, as suggested by its name, china.
Cloisonné is a kind of traditional enamelware, known as ‘Jingtai Blue' in China, with a history more than 500 years.
In many tombs of the Tang Dynasty, people have found a variety of tri-colored glazed figurines, the most popular ones of which were horses and ladies.
Wood carving is a kind of China’s traditional folk handicraft, which can be generally divided into three dimension carving, root carving and relief
Silk is one of the China's contributions to the world. Top Chinese silk production centers include Hangzhou and Suzhou, with famous silk markets and museums
Chinese embroidery is one of the traditional Chinese handicrafts. Famous types of Chinese embroidery include Suzhou embroidery, Sichuan embroidery, Hunan embroidery, Guandong embroidery
Stone lion is carved out of stone, which is the common ornament in Chinese traditional architecture, such as imperial palace, temple, Buddha pagoda, bridge, mausoleum, mansion, gardens and so on.
Chinese paper cutting is rich in content from the animals and plants to the vividly daily life scenes. Some of them even are created into a series to telling you an interesting Chinese mystique.
Chinese lantern is traditional Chinese handicraft, with a history of over 1800 years, and is now a symbol of China. Chinese lantern has mainly five types, palace lantern
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