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Chinese Etiquette

In China, people often use Lian or Mianzi which refer to the same thing. Lian or Mianzi means “face” in English. It is a special characteristic of Chinese culture.
General tips & some taboos for present giving or receiving in China. It is a bit manner of Chinese etiquette, and TopChinaTravel has address all helpful tips
The gesture fist closed by a open hand, which is called Fist & Palm Salute is a way of Chinese greeting etiquette, showing one’s gratitude & respect.
Learn the traditional Chinese etiquette of tea offering to the guests or the elders or a woman. Here are all the tips and how to guides
Chinese table manners or Chinese dining etiquette are impart part of Chinese culture. Here are useful tips about the dos and don’ts of Chinese table manners.
The traditional Chinese wedding etiquette is still respected and kept today. To attend a traditional Chinese wedding, you’re suggested to follow the etiquette in China
Wine drinking has been taken a quite important role in Chinese people's life from ordinary people to kings for a long time.