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Chinese Dragon

The divine dragon is worshipped by Chinese people, from the emperors to the ordinary people because it is the symbol of power, strength, good luck and fortune.
Chinese dragon has been intertwined with Chinese culture, and has impacts on people’s life. As an unique and lucky mascot, dragon often appear in festivals and importance days.
Dragon is a symbolic language sign, which is widely used in Chinese language, and it increases words’ power and enriches language’s brilliance.
Dragon is inclusive in Chinese all kinds of traditional art, like sculpture, painting, and embroidery, reflecting Chinese people’s wisdom and love to dragon.
Chinese dragon is a noble divine creature, respected as a God, while western dragon is an outrageous monster, belittled as an evil, and they have many differences.
In the Forbidden City, there are more than ten thousand dragon ornaments, giving it a title as the home of Chinese dragon which in a sense, guards the splendid palace, together with the Emperor.
Dragon, with specific cultural meanings, is adopted as an element in the design of some flags. It is so glorious that it even has been granted official status in national flag.
Chinese dragon is a virtual creature and first created in legendary stories, mythology, and tales. Dragon is a symbol of China, and Chinese people are descendants of dragon