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Chinese Architecture

Ancient Chinese wooden architecture has a history dating back to Neolithic Age, is a gem of world architectural history. Famous wooden buildings of ancient China include Hanging Temple
The ancient architecture in China can be dated back to the Paleolithic Age. In the Paleolithic Age, men lived on fishery and hunting, and were sheltered in trees and caves.
An information guide to different types of typical traditional Chinese architecture & buildings: Palace, Pavilion, Terrace, Pagoda, Storeyed Pavilion, etc
Deeply rooted in traditional Chinese culture, ancient Chinese architecture boasts the following national cultural characteristics
External Features of Ancient Chinese Architecture can be divided into three parts including flexibility, unique structure and Symbolized Decoration.
Chinese garden architecture is one of the four essential factors for garden landscaping. It is a kind of architecture used for providing a place for rest & sightseeing to people
Traditional Chinese vernacular dwellings are the textbooks of Chinese people’s daily life. The famous traditional Chinese dwelling include Siheyuan, tulou, Huizhou style dwelling