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China's First Dark Tea Dance Performance Staged in Changsha

"Dark Tea Impression", China's first dance performance that features dark tea culture was presented to the public at Qindao Performing Arts Center, Changsha on May 30. It is the first time for Hunan to stage its national intangible cultural heritage, Anhua dark tea.

Anhua dark tea has been known and recognized in recent years for its unique healthcare function, and its production technique has been listed as an item of national intangible cultural heritage.

The "Dark Tea Impression" aims to popularize the history, culture, and healthcare value of dark tea. The 20-minute dance performance is composed of such key chapters as tea sacrifice, tea growing, tea-leaf picking, tea making, transportation and its spread to as far as the western regions and Eurasia. The dazzling video and audio effects, as well as 3D visual effects give a high quality representation of the profound dark tea culture on the Ancient Tea Horse Trade Road.

Dark tea used to be a component of the ancient sacrificial ritual.

Tea-leaf picking dance

"Dark Tea Impression" is a dance performance that interprets the culture and history of dark tea.

Translator: Liu Fen

Source: enghunan.gov.cn