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China has become more and more attractive for travelers with its vast scale, amazing landscapes, colorful culture, and splendid history. If you are good at using urban transportation in China, it will be more convenient for your trip. There are four types of transportation you should know.

1.    City Buses — Wide Coverage, Cheap, and Slow
  • Wide coverage: China has an extensive network of city buses. It’s easy to travel anywhere on a bus, even in some towns.
  • Cheap: Most bus trips cost 2 yuan; some buses without air-conditioning cost just 1 yuan for the fare. Compared with other types of transportation, it’s really inexpensive.
  • Slow: The journeys are slow because buses usually have a wide coverage with lots of detours from main roads.
  • Recommended for: when you have enough time, and want to save money and admire the city’s landscape
2.    Subway — Fast, Big Cities, and Crowded
  • Fast: Compared with taking a bus, the subway is faster because it goes direct and isn’t hampered by traffic jams.
  • Big cities: Not every city in China has a subway station. They are mainly constructed in big cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu.
  • Crowded: Subways are popular in every city as they are cheap, fast, and save time. This means they may be crowded at peak times and during holidays.
  • Recommended for: travelers in big cities
3.    Taxis — Fast, Convenient, and Slightly Expensive
  • Fast: You don’t need to wait for a taxi and follow a specific route. Taking a taxi and traveling direct to your destination is the fastest way to get there.
  • Convenient: If you are unfamiliar with China and you are confused with the Chinese language barrier, taking a taxi is the most convenient option. Just wait on a street, wave at a taxi, and show your destination to the driver who will transfer you straight there.
  • Slightly expensive: At 2 yuan per kilometer, taking a taxi is more expensive than other forms of urban transportation for travelers. Ensure your driver switches on the meter – don’t be taken in by a tourist scam.
  • Recommended for: someone who hates wasting time and doesn’t mind if it costs more money. Try to learn a little practical Chinese before your trip.
4.    Sharing Bikes — Mobile Pay, Short Distance, and Sunny Days
  • Mobile pay: Sharing bikes in China can only be paid for using mobile pay, so it may be troublesome for foreign travelers.
  • Short distance: Generally, if you want to go somewhere within 5 kilometers, riding a bike is a good choice. You can enjoy biking, breathing in the fresh air, and admiring beautiful views.
  • Sunny days: It’s more suitable to ride a bike on sunny days. When it’s raining, it’s best to take public transportation.
  • Recommended for: You can use mobile pay and enjoy outdoor activities.