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China Overview

Learn about China economic performance and data to get answers regarding your questions on China in rich or poor in the world.
learn about China natural resource. China is abundant with natural resource, like land, water, mineral, plant & animal resource.
Four Great Inventions of in Ancient Times: compass, printing, gunpowder, papermaking &Four Great Inventions of in Modern Times: bike-sharing, high speed rail, electronic payment, online shopping.
learn about education in China: education policy, education system from kindergarten to university, national college entrance exam and international education
Detailed information of China facts: location, administrative division, populaiton, festival, languagel, etc. It is provided for you to get a general idea about China, and help you to get more touch with China and plan your China tours.
The history of China can be dated back to more than 2000 years ago. From the oldest dynasty Xia to the present PRC, you can know the exact timetable in this page.
General introduction about China’s geography. Learn about the territory, topography, rivers, mountains of China
Is China safe to travel? How safe is China? For those questions, we say China is safe to travel and tell you reasons why China is safe to travel.
Environmental issues, especial air pollution are a big problem China faces, which may be a concern for some tourists before traveling to China. Here we introduce the environment situations in China to you.
Understand the basic facts on China’s mass transportation including its air transport, high speed rail or normal rail network, highway network, waterway, etc
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