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Changsha City Development to Present a New Pattern

A press conference was held by the Administrative Commission of Changsha Pioneering District on the West Bank of Xiangjiang River on June 19.
During the past three years, over 600 key projects have been launched, attracting an investment of 232.4 billion yuan. The urban area has increased by 25 square kilometers, totaling 118 square kilometers now. Meanwhile, the population has climbed up by 0.3 million, reaching 1.2 million.
The previous layout characterized by "highlighting culture on the west bank while business on the east" and "developing heavy industry on the east while light industry on the west" has been primarily changed.
The city has entered Xiangjiang era from the original "Wuyi Road Age" and "Furong Road Age". Taking Xiangjiang River as the axis, the city will witness balanced, interactive and mutual development along both banks of the river.
Zhao Wenbin, deputy director of the Administrative Commission of the Changsha Pioneering District concluded, "In the past three years, we have explored new ways for scientific development which brings new momentum for Hunan's economy and shapes a new layout of the city."