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Zhangjiajie Mayor Meets with Chinese-American Emma Li and Charlie Wang

June 8, Zhangjiajie City, Mayor Zhao Xiaoming on the U.S. "Avatar" a sequel film is scheduled to meet Chinese-American Emma Li and Charlie Wang.

The film production process for several years, the United States "Avatar" movie with a lot of beautiful scenery elements of Zhangjiajie, Zhangjiajie and knowledge. "Avatar" also failed to notify over Zhangjiajie. Today, more than the event last year, according to several U.S. sources said that the director wanted to make Cameron "Avatar" sequel. 

Chinese-American Miss Emma Li and Mr. Charlie Wang now lives in Boston, is mainly engaged in international arts and cultural international exchange activities. They said that in March 2010 (China on "Avatar" the argument of the day), they have been with the U.S. film "Avatar," director in charge of the office have had two in-depth nature, serious discussion.

During the meeting, Miss Emma Li and Mr. Charlie Wang repeatedly to elaborate on their role as a bridge, and want to get Authorized agent on this matter of Zhangjiajie Government. Zhao Xiaoming said: This is done by Zhangjiajie Municipal Tourism Association and the first non-official authorized to access.

Finally, the two sides to expand Zhangjiajie tourism market in the eastern United States, for the communication and exchange of views.