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Cedar River is in the Shibing County, Qiandongnan autonomous prefecture in
Guizhou Province. It is 230 miles from County to Guiyang city, and it is 81 miles away from prefecture government Kaili with Xiangqi Railway and highway go through.
                                        Cedar River Scenic Spot is one Scenic Spot of the national Wuyang River Scenic Area. It is situated in the northwest of Shibing County, Qiandongnan autonomous prefecture with 14 miles from County. In the Scenic Spot, there are four areas---Shechong, Huangtunei, Zijingguan, Jiangjiatian with an area of 96 square kilometers.


The spring in the scenic spot is very clear, and the mountains surrounded are precipitous with features of “Grand, beautiful, secluded, and special”. Going into the scenic spot, you can see the river flow around the mountains. The river bank embeds with cobblestones, clear and neat; fish and shrimp swimming in the river, free and swims in crowd.   Cedar River Drifting is close to the nature, interesting and thrilling but not dangerous. And it is the hot spot in the east line of Guizhou ecotourism, and this experience will give you a sense of that you are in harmony with nature.


The Mountain along the river is various, river bed form by pebble and sand. The stream clear as crystal and it flows slowly. The river is clean and pure with fish swimming below the river. Some one once said that “if you have not played into the river, you will not know that the river is sweet.” Stop ship and go ashore, you can go to collect bamboo in the mountain, catch fish, shrimp and crab in the water, pitch a tent a light the bonfire, all of these can make you close to the nature and you can enjoy the nature better.

Travel Guide

【Chinese name】:杉木河风景区
【Best Time to Visit】: It is safe to drift here. Even the river runs quickly, and you might fall into river, but it is just thrilling but you would not be hurt. You can go drifting in May to October, and November to April is very cold so that drifting will be canceled.