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CCTV Shooting Folk Customs and Farming Culture in Zhangjiajie Wangguping

From June 14th to June 20th, social photo shooting group of channel CCTV record films folk customs and farming culture in Wangguping Town, Yongding District.

In recent years, under the plan of party committee and government of Wangguping town, Tujia Diaojiao building and win-rain bridge and other unique architectures have been maintained and protected and folk customs and culture have been actively organized and searched, which protect and salvage Tujia cultural heritages and foster the inheritors of folk customs and skills. Thus Tujia folk customs and culture brand of Wangguping town has formed, introducing a group of distinctive ancient villages, especially Wangguping town honored national key cultural relics protection unit.

The one week’s shooting of Wangguping town by Social photo group is to think highly of Wangguping town’s protection and development of folk customs and culture. The group shoots win-rain bridge, water-povwered roller room and oil press room, detailed recording Tujia people’s daily life in these ancient buildings.

Social photo group is to advocate folk customs and farming culture in Wangguping town and in terms of cultural inheritance, it focuses on the scenes where the cultural inheritors pass on cultural essence and skills of Tujia people to pupils.

Translated by crystal