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CCTV-News Making an Introduction to Zhangjiajie for the First Time

On May 18,China Insight,one of CCTV-news programs, made a brief report on Zhangjiajie. The report lasted for 27 minutes, speaking of Zhangjiajie splendid and wonderful natural scenic spots and its booming tourism.

It is said that the feature program of Zhangjiajie tourism made its first appearance on CCTV-news, which did good to enhance the popularity and publicity of Zhangjiajie in English-speaking nations.Henry,the host of China Insight, introduced enthusiastically Zhangjiajie tourist area, such as Tianzi Mountain, Yuanjiajie, Xibu Street, Tianmen Mountain and Tujia Customs Garden. Besides, he interviewed local officials, investors, tourist workers and guests, making an authentic display on Zhangjiajie tourism industry and Zhangjiajie scenic spots.

If you want to watch the program, please go to the website:english.cntv.cn

By Emma