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Best Season for Sayram Lake

June is the most charming time to visit Sayram Lake as the sceneries blossom the natural beauties. Sayram Lake, renowned as a pearl of the Silk Road, is the largest alpine lake in Xinjiang. In Mongolian language, the name of the lake means "a lake on the ridge". In Kazak, sayram means "blessing". It is also called the Last Tear of the Atlantic Ocean as Sayram Lake is the farthest place the warm current of the ocean can arrive.

Sayram Lake is a fairyland with breathtaking natural sceneries. The scenery is quite varied in four seasons. However, summer and autumn are the best seasons to travel to Sayram Lake. In June, the Sayram Lake reveals its natural beauties as the water in the lake is crystal clear; flocks of ducks and swans coast on its surface; flourishing cypress and cedar trees cover the whole mountain range; and cottages scatter the foothills of the mountains with horses and sheep grazing on the mountain slope. All of which form a harmonious image between man, animal and the nature.