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“Beautiful Wulingyuan and Glamorous Zhonghu” Art Activities Was Held

On June, 19th, Zhangjiajie 22 local authors from Wulingyuan have conducted a variety of literature and art activities in Zhonghu County on the theme of “Beautiful Wulingyuan and glamorous Zhonghu County”.

This activity is sponsored by Wulingyuan Federation of literature and art circles, under taken by District writers association, and co-organized by People’s government of Zhonghu County.

It is aimed at presenting the charming natural scenery, folk spirit and humanistic spirit of Wulingyuan in the form of literature and art, showing the spirits of wulingyuan people, and stimulating people to better wulingyuan area and bring out the passion to realize the great Chinese dream, so as to pay a tribute to the 92nd anniversary of the communist party of China.

According to resourses, all the excellent literary works generated in the event will be published in the first edition of the wulingyuan literature in 2013. In addition, all authors will also show the charm of Zhonghu County by excellent pictures and accompanying essays on the Internet。

By Brenda